Prevailing Wage Rates

Prevailing Wage Rates Effective July 01, 2023


All Foremen shall be paid no less than two dollars ($2.00) per hour more than the hourly wage rate of the highest classification over which they have leadership. In the event the Contractor, at his option, elects to use a Foreman to supervise other Foremen, he shall be paid not less than one dollar and twenty-five cents ($2.00) per hour more than the hourly rate of the highest classified Foreman over whom he has leadership.


GroupBase RateHealth & WelfarePensionVac./Sup. Dues**TrainingOther***Total
Group I$44.10$8.95$6.02$5.26$1.42$3.11$68.86
Group II$45.40$8.95$6.02$5.26$1.42$3.11$70.16
Group III$47.41$8.95$6.02$5.26$1.42$3.11$72.17
Group IV$49.15$8.95$6.02$5.26$1.42$3.11$73.91


PeriodBase RateHealth & Welfare*PensionVac./Sup. Dues**TrainingOther***Total
Period I$27.90$6.27$1.81$2.63$0.55$2.55$41.71
Period II$32.64$6.27$1.81$2.63$0.55$2.55$46.45
Period III$35.56$7.16$2.41$3.68$1.42$3.05$53.28
Period IV$37.93$7.16$2.41$3.68$1.42$3.05$55.65

PeriodPercent RateHours
Period I60% less $0.55 per hour1 – 800
Period II70% less $0.55 per hour801 – 1800
Period III75%1801 – 2800
Period IV80%2801 – 3800

** Includes supplemental dues of $1.83 per hour

***Other: Annuity Fund $2.55, Center for Contract Compliance $0.30, Industry Fund $0.11, Contract Administration Fund $0.09, Laborers Trusts’ Administrative Trust Fund $0.06

Please be advised of the following:

1.Wages are to be paid on a weekly basis.
2.An apprentice shall be paid at or before quitting time on the day designated as payday. In no event shall more that (5) working days elapse between the end of the pay period and the payment or wages.
3.When an apprentice is laid off or discharged, they must be paid wages due to them at the time of layoff or discharge.
4.Any apprentice reporting to work at the regular starting time and for who no work is provided shall receive pay for (2) hours at the stipulated rate for reporting or as specified in the collective bargaining agreement
5.Apprentices CANNOT be moved from job to job.
6.Apprentices shall receive the appropriate increase to the journeyman fringe benefit rates.