How to become an apprentice

– 18 years of age or older
– Must have “original” GED or High School Diploma or “sealed” transcript. (US Only)
– Physically able to perform the work of the trade. ( Must pass physical agility test).
– Need at least one dependable vehicle.
– Drivers License. Recent copy of DMV printout with no more than 1 point on your record
– SSN or other Government issued ID (needs to bring original)
– Drug test
* Must be able to pass.
* Random tests throughout Apprenticeship.
* Test can detect up to 6 months.
* If positive, out of the program for minimum 6 months.
* If sent for initial Drug Test you would have 48 hours to take test.
– Must be dependable (Show up on time each day, every day).
– Must be willing to travel long distances for work.
– Must be able to work days and/or nights.
– Fed. Hazardous Material requirements. CDL.

4 Periods of Apprenticeship
– 1st period, 6 months / 800 hrs OJT / 72 hrs RSI
– 2nd thru 4th 8 months / 1000 hrs OJT / 96 hrs RSI
– Program Length 2.5 years (30 months)
– Apprentices must attend 4 weeks of classes a year
(State & Fed Mandated)