Apprenticeship Programs

Apprenticeship programs provide skilled workers trained to employer specifications, which lead to reduced turnover, improved on the job safety and higher quality results. They also benefit the entire community by providing good wages, health insurance and career stability. Apprentice wages start out as a percentage of the journeyman hourly rate, which is significantly higher than minimum wage, and increase regularly as competency is demonstrated. The stringent training that apprentices go through helps ensure high quality works projects and cost containment by decreasing turnover, workplace accidents and lost productivity.

What Apprenticeship should mean to you

Apprenticeship is a system of education where you work while you train. It provides for an unrivaled system of learning: on-the-job training and related supplemental instruction at a training facility. This method of training is used to supply California’s trades with skilled and qualified workers.

Our Apprenticeship program has been approved by the State and Federal Division of Apprenticeship Standards, which allows our Apprentices to become an acknowledged and important member of our industry.