Pay Training Contributions

Dear Contractors,

If you pay training contributions directly to the State of California on behalf of journeymen performing work covering pavement striping, road slurry, seal coat, and highway maintenance pursuant to public works contracts, your contributions may not be paid into the correct apprenticeship program. Furthermore, when you pay such contributions directly to the State, the State retains the bulk of the contributions at approximately, 65%, and remits only 35% of your contributions to apprenticeship programs. Of the monies that are redistributed to the apprenticeship programs, the pavement striping and slurry industry receives only a slight percentage.

What is the benefit to you of sending such contributions to the Pavement Striper and Highway Maintenance Apprenticeship and Training Trust Fund for Southern California (Training Trust)? By paying your training contributions directly to the Training Trust, you can be certain that the full amount of your contributions will go directly into training in the pavement striping and slurry industry. You are assured that 100% of training funds contributions received will be used to train future journeymen in your field of business. Also, when asked by third-party Labor compliance entities if your training contributions have been paid, the Training Trust can generally answer promptly, and thus, assist you in responding quickly when your public work projects are audited by such entities.

As Striping / Slurry contractors, you have the right to keep your training fund contributions within your industry without having the first 65% of your contributions diverted to fund political salaries and agendas. You can also prevent a sizeable portion of the remaining 35% from being distributed to apprenticeship programs, such as the Cement Masons and Carpenters, which are unrelated to the type of work for which your contributions to the pavement striping and slurry industry are ultimately paid.

If you would like to submit training contributions please complete the Training Fund Contribution Form and include a check payable to the Southern California Pavement Striper, Road Slurry, Seal Coat & Highway Maintenance JAC, 1074 E. La Cadena Dr. #9, Riverside, CA. 92507

Please contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to confirm that you will be remitting contributions to the Training Trust. Thank you for your cooperation.