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Submit Contract award information

In general, public works refer to construction projects that are paid for in whole or in part out of public funds, or if private funds are used, more than 50 percent of the square footage is leased to a public entity. Because of this, there are laws regarding many aspects of construction projects to protect the public’s interest.

One of the legal requirements for working on a public works project is the employment of apprentices. Contractors who are not already participating in an approved program must request the dispatch of apprentices from at least one other apprenticeship committee if more than one exists in the area of the public works project. Our committee is the only one approved by the DAS in Southern California. All your Public Works filings must be submitted to our office exclusively.

Submit the contract award information of your public works project within 10 days of the prime execution of the contract or subcontract but in no event later than the first day in which the contractor has workers employed on the public work. You may use form DAS 140. This is simply a notification of the award; it is not automatically a request for the dispatch of a registered apprentice.

Request Registered Apprentices

A contractor on a public works project must employ one (1) hour of apprentice work for every three (3) hours performed by a journeyman.

All contractors must request the dispatch of an apprentice from our apprenticeship program by giving our office actual notice of at least 72 hours (business days only) before the date on which apprentices are required. DAS 142 / Apprentice Dispatch request

Employ Registered Apprentices

In order for the JAC to provide your company with apprentices for Public Works Project(s), you must complete the Pavement Striper, Road Slurry, Seal Coat & Highway Maintenance Apprenticeship Subscription Agreement, which will allow you to contribute the fringe benefit component of the apprentice’s prevailing wage to our Trust Funds. Please note that this is NOT a Union Agreement and is only applicable to the project(s) listed. Upon completion, please return via fax: (951) 784-0463, email: or mail: So. Cal. Pavement Striper, Road Slurry, Seal Coat & Highway Maintenance JAC, 1074 E. La Cadena Dr. #9, Riverside, CA. 92507

Make Training Fund Contributions

Contractors who are awarded public works jobs must make training fund contributions in the amount established in the prevailing wage rate publication for journeymen and apprentices. This nominal fee contributes to the assurance that new apprentices coming into the craft will be guaranteed the highest level of training and as skilled craftsmen retire, the trade will survive.

The contribution should be paid by check and be accompanied by a completed Training Fund Contribution Form or a letter containing the following information:

  • The name, address, and telephone number of the contractor making the contribution.
  • The contractor’s license number.
  • The name and address of the public agency that awarded the contract.
  • The job site location, including the county where the work was performed.
  • The contract or project number.
  • The time period is covered by the enclosed contributions.
  • The contribution rate and total hours worked by apprentice-able occupation.
  • The name of the program(s) that provide apprentices if any.
  • The number of apprentice hours worked, by apprentice-able occupations, and by the program.

Upon completion, please return to my attention via fax: (951) 784-0463, email: or mail: So. Cal. Pavement Striper, Road Slurry, Seal Coat & Highway Maintenance JAC, 1074 E. La Cadena Dr. #9, Riverside, CA. 92507

How to Check Apprenticeship Certifications

To Verify if an apprentice is certified to work on Public Works with the State of California please use the DAS Search or contact the JAC at (951) 248-4337.